Special Needs...Special Dogs...

Special Needs Labs are those Labs that are brought into our program knowing they may have physical or behavioral issues that are greater than our typical vetting and fostering programs can overcome.  These Labs may have a serious illness that will require hospitalization, may need surgery to repair an injury or genetic defect, may need specialized testing and treatment, or may need to spend time with a trainer to overcome behavioral challenges. 

It is through donations to our Special Needs Fund that we are able to offer help to a Lab in Need.  We feel by helping these special Labs we are taking rescue to the next level. 

Consider making a donation to our Special Needs Fund by clicking this button or directly to a Special Needs Lab below:








This is Lincoln, we were notified about him when the shelter could not invest in his treatment and wanted to give him a chance. He had been shot in his hip and his shoulder. His collar was so tight it started to grow into his neck. Despite our best efforts, including IV antibiotics and pain meds, Lincoln didn't make it. He was a sweet and handsome 2 year old who deserved better than what happened to him.





Pixie & Hallie  





Sisters Pixie & Hallie were 4 mo. old and were surrendered to the shelter. They immediately began treatment for Distemper after rescue but sadly Hallie did not survive. Pixie lived for a good couple of months before she joined her sister Hailey over the rainbow bridge from neurological damage from the Distemper.





5 Siblings  


5 Siblings



Rosa, Lilo, Spanky, Stitch, & Tink were 3 mo. old when they were surrendered to the shelter due to a skin condition. They were scheduled to be euthanized when we picked them up. They received care for a tough case of ringworm and with daily medication, frequent baths and isolation from the other animals, eventually got to a foster home and on to adoption!  This is what rescue means to us!








Macck is a super sweet boy that was surrendered to the shelter. This poor guy has old wounds from being shot with pellets, a large skin infection on his neck and he wasn't using his back leg. Macck needed and received TPLO (ACL) surgery. He is currently recovering from his surgery and doing great. Macck's treatment and rehab have been expensive and your support will help us continue to help dogs like Macck.