Special Needs...Special Dogs...

Special Needs Labs are those Labs that are brought into our program knowing they may have physical or behavioral issues that are greater than our typical vetting and fostering programs can overcome.  These Labs may have a serious illness that will require hospitalization, may need surgery to repair an injury or genetic defect, may need specialized testing and treatment, or may need to spend time with a trainer to overcome behavioral challenges. 

It is through donations to our Special Needs Fund that we are able to offer help to a Lab in Need.  We feel by helping these special Labs we are taking rescue to the next level. 

Consider making a donation to our Special Needs Fund by clicking this button or directly to a Special Needs Lab below:



Tin Top  





Tin Top was found on the side of the road and had been shot multiple times. His body was littered with ammunition and his front leg was shattered. He underwent surgery that required amputation of his leg, removal of all the ammo, and a blood transfusion. Through all his pain he still remained a happy, loving boy. He is learning to walk on 3 legs and is doing amazingly well with a smile on his face.










Wyatt is a 7-year-old male sweetheart who’s had a rough go ever since he came to DWFLRRC. Wyatt was found as a stray on June 26th and taken to Fort Worth Animal Services. Once he was picked up by the rescue, he was taken to Family Pet Care clinic where it was discovered that he had heartworms. He immediately began treatment. The staff at the clinic also noticed Wyatt had a cough which was first thought to be kennel cough. But after a few days, he started running a fever and lost his appetite. After more testing and X-rays, he was diagnosed with pneumonia. He immediately started a course of antibiotics. But the sweet guy’s condition continued to deteriorate. He was not eating or drinking, his cough was not getting any better and he had lost a significant amount of weight. The docs at the clinic changed his medication to an even stronger antibiotic and he began receiving IV fluids and given food through a syringe. He also started receiving breathing treatments—all of this while still undergoing heartworm treatment. Currently, Wyatt is holding his own, still fighting off the nasty heartworms while trying to beat pneumonia. If his condition does not improve soon, the docs will perform a transtracheal lavage. This is an invasive procedure during which Wyatt will go under anesthesia so that the fluid in his lungs can be extracted for further testing and examination. Wyatt is a fighter but still needs lots of love and around-the-clock medical care to get well.

UPDATE 7/31: Wyatt is on the road to recovery! He's eating well, gaining weight and acting bright-eyed and happy! He is going to be neutered soon and will then be off to stay with his foster family!









Cookie is a precious 3-year-old chocolate girl that was found at Dallas Animal Services by one of DFWLRRC's volunteers. This was actually Cookie’s second time to come through Dallas Animal Services. The first time she was there, her owners came to reclaim her. This time they did not. She was due to be euthanized on June 19th if no one claimed her. DWFLRRC stepped up that day with just hours to spare and took her in. Cookie has severe alopecia caused by flea dermatitis. She also has a significant laceration under her left eye that needs attention. Her prognosis is good but she will need to start allergy medication as well as have regular medicated baths to clear up the dermatitis. In time her hair will grow back and the medication will keep her allergies in check. Cookie’s life is now full of hope and promise!










Edgar is a sweet 18-month boy that loves to give hugs. He was a stray that was turned over to DFWLRR when the shelter he was taken to was over capacity. Although he’s a young dog, he has severe hip dysplasia. His condition was evaluated and it was determined that he needed total hip replacement surgery in order to have a good quality of life. On June 27th, he had that surgery and is now home resting comfortably with his foster family. He will have a couple months of rehab and physical therapy to get him up and running like new. This surgery ensures he will no longer have to live with pain and that he can be a typical fun-loving Lab like he deserves to be!