Special Needs...Special Dogs...

Special Needs Labs are those Labs that are brought into our program knowing they may have a physical or behavioral issues that are greater than our typical vetting and fostering programs can overcome.  These Labs may have a serious illness that will require hospitalization, may need surgery to repair an injury or genetic defect, may need specialized testing and treatment, or may need to spend time with a trainer to overcome behavioral challenges. 

It is through donations to our Special Needs Fund that we are able to offer help to a Lab in Need.  We feel by helping these special Labs we are taking rescue to the next level. 

Consider making a donation to our Special Needs Fund by clicking this button or directly to a Special Needs Lab below:



Special Needs TINY TIM


Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim


Tiny Tim was rescued off the street and taken to a local shelter by a Good Samaritan just after Christmas 2016. It turns out that Tiny Tim had a broken leg (left, rear) and he needed surgery.  Luckily a DFW Lab Rescue volunteer was in the shelter looking at another Lab the day he was available and was able to scoop him up and get him to our partner veterinarian clinic.  Tiny Tim needed immediate surgery to fix his leg.  He will need 4-6 months of rest and rehab.


Tiny Tim's surgery and after care were possible because of generous donations to our Special Needs Fund.  Today, Tiny Tim is living a great life with his adopted family!

Special Needs ELLINGTON




Hello folks, the name is Ellington because I’m the Duke of Labdom. I’m a big handsome boy in search of a home to swing in. Thing is, I’m temporarily on the skids with a bum left front wheel and the worst ear infection in the history of the world. The good news is the vet people have already gone to work on my ears and the doc says he can patch my leg up. These people taking care of me are salt of the earth. You don’t know how good it feels to pee standing up again.

How did I wind up in this terrible mess anyway? What happened to my home on Mount Cool and the people I lived with there? How did it all go so very wrong; from the good life to being a penniless cripple with infected ears? To begin with, I was jaywalking and got hit by a car, which broke my left front leg in two places. At least that’s what everyone around here seems to think. As for the ears, I never washed them very much anyway – you know how guys are. I left the scene of the accident and limped around in terrible pain for what seemed like an eternity. I thought it was curtains for sure.

Someone must have turned me over to the animal cops because they showed up and hauled me to the shelter. That’s where the Lab Rescue guy found me and signed me out. It’s all a blur. I can’t remember much of anything before the accident. Also, I must’ve been rolled during that ugly scene with the car cause my traveling money is gone. I sure wish I had the license plate of that car.


Update from Ellington is he and his new family are building out that beautiful music about a lab & his family.  Sure it was tough! But Ellington has recovered and he is now singing happy songs in his forever home!