Frequently Asked Questions about DFW Lab Rescue and our Labs

What is Dallas Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Rescue Club (DFW Lab Rescue)?

Dallas Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Rescue Club (DFW Lab Rescue), incorporated in the state of Texas, is a non-profit, charitable (501)c(3) organization,  dedicated to alleviating needless death and suffering of homeless or misplaced pure-bred Labrador Retrievers. We will provide education about responsible dog ownership, including, but not limited to counseling on behavior and obedience training, sterilization (spaying and neutering), and veterinary care. We will seek out loving homes for these Labs, and provide quality interim care and rehabilitation through volunteer foster homes and veterinary intervention.

Where do the Labs come from that are in your program?

Dogs in our program come through a variety of avenues. Some dogs come from an area shelter, humane society, picked up by a concerned citizen, or surrendered by its owner. Often, we get in surrender applications from people who can no longer care for their dogs due to health issues, military relocation or moving where dogs are not allowed. Each dog is evaluated by a DFW Lab Rescue volunteer before it can enter into our program. DFW Lab Rescue does not accept aggressive dogs including aggression towards people as well as other dogs. Papers are not required but we look for standard characteristics in a Labrador Retriever.

Where is DFW Lab Rescue located?

DFW Lab Rescue is a network of volunteers and foster homes throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, but at this time does not have facility. Our organization is run entirely by volunteers. We rely heavily on dedicated families that foster our Labs; we can only save as many dogs as we have foster homes.

Can I see a dog before filling out an application?

Because we do not have a location, and all of our dogs are in foster homes, we do not set up individual meetings with our DFW Lab Rescue dogs until you have filled out an application, been approved to adopt and been matched to a dog. However, you are welcome to come to our events where we usually have a couple of our available dogs for people to meet.

How do I adopt a dog?

The first step is to complete an adoption application. The DFW Lab Rescue application committee will then review your application and be in touch with you in approximately five to seven days.

How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

A minimum fee of $325 is required for adult dogs; a minimum of $400 is required for puppies under six months.

What kind of medical treatment have DFW Lab Rescue dogs received?

All dogs placed by DFW Lab Rescue have been examined by a licensed veterinarian, received current vaccinations and been spayed or neutered if they are of age. Labs with extenuating medical needs are also treated and taken care of, including but not limited to Heartworm Treatment, ACL Repair, Upper Respiratory Infection and Kennel Cough, tumor removal, Orthopedic Repair, and more. We fully disclose all of the dog's history that is known, as well as any medical or behavioral issues of which we are aware in the effort find the best possible forever homes for DFW Lab Rescue dogs.

What does DFW Lab Rescue do with donations?

All money received at DFW Lab Rescue goes towards our operating expenses. The majority of the funds go towards medical expenses.

What happens when I am approved to adopt a Lab?

When you are approved we will get you in touch with the foster families of the dogs you are interested in. You will have the chance to speak with the foster family to learn more about the dog as well as well as arrange a time to meet with the dog. We look for the best "fit" between the dog and the adopting family in an effort to find the best possible forever homes for DFW Lab Rescue dogs.

We have a dog and would want to make sure our adopted dog gets along with him or her.

We do too! This is a priority for us as well. You can set up a time for your dog and your potential new family member to meet to see how things go.

How do I learn more about fostering for DFW Lab Rescue?

We can only save as many dogs as we have foster homes and we would love to have you. If you are interested, please fill out a foster application or send us an e-mail and we can talk to you more about fostering.