These dogs have found their way to the Rainbow Bridge...

LaserLaser (Becca) - January 28, 2021

Laser went to the Rainbow Bridge today. She was almost 16 years old. Her back legs were getting weaker and weaker and at the end she was struggling to walk. So she asked to be sent to the Rainbow Bridge where she'll be healthy and strong again, play with her other friends that passed on before her and wait for us until we meet again. She enjoyed road trips, everything from the beaches of the Gulf Coast to the majestic peaks of the Rockies. Thank you DFW Lab Rescue for letting us adopt Laser and give her a furever home. Her wish was for us to rescue another labrador that needs a family. We will do just that once we are ready to love another dog. Enjoy the green meadows at the Rainbow Bridge girl, and we'll see you on the other side. - Dinu and Adriana Catona

GWGeorge Washington - January 11, 2021

On January 11 my beloved and sweet George Washington made his journey across the rainbow bridge. He will always be my big white sweet bear. I'm really torn up over this and as unexpected as this is, I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to care for and love him. GW came to me at a very interesting time in my life and taught me the importance and significance of "slowing down to smell the roses". He helped do something I had never done and that was take care of and be responsible for something other than myself. The simple unconditional love and loyalty he bestowed upon me was simple and effortless and will always remain tucked in my heart. I will miss those big brown eyes watching me from across the room and all the sweet snuggles. Rest easy big fella. Be good- don't chase too many squirrels. I love you. See you on the other side. -D

TankTank - August 12, 2020

With a final lick of peanut butter, Tank the Dog's mighty reign ended on August 12, 2020. 12 years, 4 states, 10 houses, deployment and military separations, multiple job changes, the start of two businesses, divorce (but a great dad who still visited him), new starts, bonus dad, 5 cats, two human step-siblings, a new dog he never quite forgave me for, 10,000 cheeseballs, and probably 400 stolen sandwiches. Even at age 11, he taught himself how to open the freezer to clean out the contents. It was always interesting explaining our "modified" freezer to visitors to the house. Until they met Tank...then it made sense. I truly think he was smarter than most humans I know (including me). Thank you, DFW Lab Rescue, for taking in Tank and his 3 siblings and for choosing him for me to foster (I asked for the calmest one of the 4- I think you lied). You introduced me to the incomparable Karen Deeds who not only became our trainer but mentored me when I fell in love with dog training. This organization opened a new world to me of dog ownership (but let's be honest- he owned me), and highlighted the beauty of a powerful rescue program. You provided me a community while I was in Texas, and I have let to find another rescue that comes halfway to comparing. Tank was my constant companion and teacher. He was my rock and my home throughout so many transitions. Life will never be the same without him. I was so lucky. Just so unbelievable lucky. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You changed my life and blessed me beyond measure with my very best friend.

AmagerAmager - August 21, 2020

Amager (Acer, as DFW Lab Rescue knew him) passed away peacefully at home on Aug 21, 2020, with his forever family at his side. Amager was adopted in June 2010 and he quickly stole our hearts. He was a gentle soul with a calm temperament. He enjoyed long walks and making friends with anyone he met. He was very social, and his friend circle quickly expanded to include Maggie, Jojo, Sam, Cinnamon, Duke, Charlie, Noel, Rigsby, Faith, Brady, Dill, Violet, Mia, Rosie, Sunny, Mojo, Maddie, Daisy, Blue, Boomer, Jack, Shelby, Victoria, Elizabeth, and many more. You guessed it - most of his friends were girl dogs. What can we say? He was a ladies' man. Even while asleep, Amager dreamt of playing with his friends as he would often bark and run in his sleep. When he was mischievous, he would always have his puppy eyes display saying, "that wasn't me!" We remember episodes of him sitting on the couch and finishing an entire box of croissants when nobody was at home (or when he thought nobody was home). We have come home a few times to see telltale signs, an empty box of croissants on the floor and Amager sitting next to it, with his eyes saying, "I don't know how this box got here!". The quickest way to Amager's heart was to give him a belly rub or a scratch behind his ears. But once you started petting him, he wouldn't let you stop! Amager loved his human sisters and though he couldn’t read time, he always knew when the school bus was coming in the afternoons. He knew that arrival of the bus meant he was going to get some treats! If they forgot to give him a treat, Amager would bark incessantly and block the stairs until they realized. He was very smart. He knew that whenever we barbequed, he would get boiled chicken. He would sit by the stove even before the chicken was pulled from the freezer and he wouldn't move until chicken was in his bowl. As expected, if we ate barbeque and forgot to make him chicken, he would refuse to eat his normal dry food. When we ate dessert, mom made sure he got his own dessert-doggie ice cream each time. When dad was home, Amager would follow him around like they were stuck together with velcro. He was definitely a dramatic and pampered dog, and we learned his demands very quickly. Amager filled our life with joy and laughter. He will be greatly missed by us and his friends. Amager has left a pawprint on our hearts forever! A dog's purpose well fulfilled.

CarlyCarly - November 16, 2019

I have had and loved many wonderful dogs in my life. I never thought any of them would ever mean more to me than another. Carly was different. I've prepared myself for years for the day that I would have to say goodbye...or so I thought I would be prepared. It happened so slow but so fast. She made it to be 16, no complaints 6 1/2 she was turned in to DFW Lab Rescue after the previous owners wanted her put to sleep. After several close calls I was beginning to think she was invincible. Today she had to leave this world. She will forever be my favorite. I'll miss her thump-thump tail, her fluffy fur, her smile, her doggie-purring. Michael Terry

NateAbby - July 30, 2019

For more than 2 1/2 short years we had the privilege of being Abby's human parents. Due to a rough start in life, a multitude of health issues, and old age, we let Abby join the angels this past Tuesday. Abby was my "retirement dog" who we adopted from your organization. (Her original name was Josephine; renamed Abby by her foster Mom). She was already about 7 years old, but I wasn't looking for a pup I had to jog with. 😆 Abby was a very quiet and serious "old soul" who quickly became my constant companion and shadow. I've loved all my pets, but because Abby and I spent so much time together, I've never been so attached to a dog, and I've never been so completely loved by a dog. Life will not be quite as full without her. She loved (and was loved by) her dog cousins, as well as my extended family. She adored by my mother. When Mom came to our house after an illness or hospital stay to recuperate, Abby would lay beside Mom's bed to watch over her or sit by her chair (a lot of times with her chin propped on Mom's leg). Needless to say, we're heartbroken, but so very thankful for the time we had with her. Thank you for the incredible work you and your volunteers do to find safe and happy homes for these precious babies. Vivian Trojack & David Shiring

StelliStelli – August 1, 2019

It's with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Stelli Keen, our beloved yellow Lab, passed away on August 1st, 2019. I adopted her from the DFW Lab Rescue in 2008 - her original name was Wren (given by the rescue) and was born on November 3rd, 2008. She was well spoiled and loved by everyone that knew her. Unfortunately, she suffered from hip dysplasia at 5 years old, followed by spinal myelopathy in her rear legs in the final months of her life. Letting her go was the best decision for her, but the hardest decision by our family. We are relieved knowing she lived life to the fullest, finding every mud puddle and chasing every squirrel. Our family would like to extend our gratitude to the DFW Lab Rescue for placing her in our lives as she will forever be in our hearts. Sincerely, Christopher Keen

NateNate - February 10, 2019

I wanted to let you know that Nate (aka Mayer) passed over the Bridge. He was a total joy to share life with and a great brother to both Nadya (aka Cherie) & Nessa. He loved life to the fullest and gave me many smiles and lots of laughter. Thank all of you who made it possible for me to adopt Nate; the time I had with him was joyous & fun. He always had a smile on his face and love in his heart for everyone he met.

Again thank you & Bless you for letting me adopt him.

Terry Erbert

RugerRuger - June 17, 2019

We adopted Ruger (aka Tristan) on March 10, 2013. He has now crossed over the rainbow bridge. We are heartbroken and miss him already! He was absolutely the best pet ever!!! We loved him and he in turn loved us!! Was just a wonderful fox red boy!!!

Thank you for what you all do.

Sheila Housley

SamsonSamson - May 28, 2019

It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of our sweet boy, Samson Stark, on May 28, 2019. After the passing of our first rescue, Zoe Stark, we never expected that the void of our love for her would be filled. We were sorely mistaken. After seeing Samson's (fka Herbie) picture on the Available Dogs page, we had to meet him. When Nikita and Saurabh brought him to meet us, it was love at first sight. I scratched his ears, he moaned with satisfaction, and the three of us were instantly bonded. Soon after, we discovered that his surrender sister, Hazel, had been adopted by a family near us, and then the adventure really started. He was a snuggler from the start, but seeing him love on Hazel was the icing on the cake. We did our best to give him as much love and attention as we could, and he reciprocated with everything he could give as well. We are so sad that we only got to share 3 years with our gentle giant, but we would never take our time together back. We will always miss you Samson.

Love, Frank and Heidi.

JettaJetta - April 26, 2019

Our hearts are heavy with sadness. On April 26, 2019, our sweet girl Jetta passed away from liver failure. She was so loved and returned love 100-fold; loyal companion, car ride enthusiast, my constant shadow. Thank you DFWLRR for bringing our girl to her forever home. She helped brighten every day with her 'helicopter' tail wag, or tilt of her head. There was something very special about Jetta. She just knew what was needed. We shared many special times together. She is greatly missed.

The Brennan Family

DolceDulce - July 28, 2018

Our beloved Dolce (aka Dolly) crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday, July 28th. We adopted this sweet girl on Easter Sunday in 2015, and she was a true blessing to us over the last three years. Despite my wife's initial nervousness at having 2 labs, Dolce quickly attached herself to her, and they were inseparable to the end. Dolce consistently let us know we named her appropriately, as she was the sweetest girl we could have imagined and endeared herself to everyone she met during her time with us including her sister Bella, extended family, neighbors, and the veterinary staff who took care of her. Dolce loved to just be there with her sister and humans, making sure to stay close so we always knew how much she loved us and how grateful she was to be in our family. Even during rides in my truck (her favorite activity) she would have to have her head under my arm, so I knew she was there. Words cannot express the love we have for her and how much we miss her. Although she took a piece of each of us with her, we will always be thankful for DFW Lab Rescue allowing us to experience her love for 3 and a half years.

The Luse Family

DollarDollar - April 18, 2018

It is with great appreciation that I write this to you. In November of 2007 we were granted adoption for Dollar a (then) 1 year old female yellow lab. Dollar kept her name and had almost 2 years of training with Martha Lee (a resource for Texas Hearing and Service Dogs). She became an ambassador for the organization and helped raise thousands of dollars for that worthy group all the while acting like it was the best adventure ever. Additionally, she was a weekly regular at Brookdale Citiview, a retirement community. There, of course, she was a star. Best of all, she was our baby girl and greeted every day like it was Christmas morning. We three (my husband, Dollar and I) traveled north regularly by car and she again made fast friends wherever she went. She crossed the rainbow bridge April 18th of this year.

There are no words to express our loss. I write this to you to thank you, and remind you of the importance of the work you do. Your efforts for Dollar brought joy and comfort to so, SO many lives. While the hole in our hearts is not yet ready for another lab, we will assuredly be applying to you for another in the future.

                                                                                                                            Thank You,

                                                                                                                            Melinda and Jeff Davis

MurphyMurphy - June 18, 2018

On June 20, 2012 Murphy was pulled from the Ft. Worth animal shelter by DFWLRR the day before they were going to mass euthanize due to extreme over crowding. It was all over the news that summer. After losing our two Labbies that Spring, my heart felt healed enough to begin looking for a new fur baby. There were many Labbies needing furever homes, but when I saw Murphy’s picture posted online, I knew he was the one. I had to meet him. Murphy was in foster care for three months. Many families thought he was too big. But at our first meet-n-greet, there he was in all his loud and proud glory, and I loved it! After a three-week adoption process, he became a part of our family on August 25, 2012. We loved him, and spoiled him with all of our hearts and I’m so happy we were chosen to be his furever family. On Monday, June 18, 2018 we made one of the hardest decisions ever. His pain had become too great so we lovingly led him to the rainbow bridge where he could walk and run again. I know he’s chasing tennis balls and eating milk bones to his hearts content. Our family’s hearts are broken to pieces right now, and many tears are flowing as we remember and miss our big red dog. Godspeed buddy.  Till we meet again. 

Love, Steven, Erin, Kylie, & Caden Bright

CharlotteCharlotte – March 5, 2018

Charlotte crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 5 and took a piece of us with her. Charlotte rescued us in July of 2009 after we lost our first lab. She was our angel. She was estimated to be between 2 and 3 years old when we adopted her from DFW Lab Rescue. She was always happy, smart, and eager to please and her tail wagged constantly. She loved chasing squirrels, rabbits, and her red ball more than anything. She was a great big sister, playmate, and companion to Molly (our other lab that we got as a puppy 5 days after we got Charlotte). She was always following Mom around the house and was never more than a few feet away. Whether it was snuggling in a lap watching TV or wedging herself between us in the bed, she was always close by and loved attention. When she developed breathing difficulties in January, she was eventually diagnosed with advanced stage bronchial carcinoma (lung cancer). Meds helped keep her comfortable for a while but it finally became too difficult for her to breathe and to rest so we had to let her run free. Rest in Peace Charlotte - we love you and miss you so much. Sanford and Debbie Case

Izzi(fka Philippa)Izzi (fka Philippa) – Feb 28, 2018

Our sweet girl, Izzi, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 29, 2018 after a brief illness with cancer. Izzi spent 11 joyful years as a beloved member of our family. Her heart was pure selfless lab love each and every day. She was my best running/walking buddy and always met me in the closet while I put my shoes on to go out. Izzi didn't care about time or weather, she just wanted to go. She loved her walks, rides in the car with her ears flapping in the wind, fetching her toys, doing tricks for treats, meeting new friends, being with family, and of course, eating - pantry locks and dog-proof food bins were a must in our house! Izzi had a joyous, loving spirit and was a friend to everyone. She will be forever in our hearts and forever missed. Thank you for your part in bringing her into our life. The Korns

BentleyBentley – Feb 8, 2018

We became first time fosters the summer of 2013 and Bentley was our charge. This big black lab was larger than life. People looking for a pet would see his age of 8 years and consider him too old, or they would come to see him expecting this older, calmer dog but instead find this big, rambunctious oaf. After several weeks it became very apparent that he had found his home with us so I failed as a foster. He was 100 pounds of pure love and excitement, getting along with the cat and two other dogs in the house. He loved the water and occasionally pulled me into the creek with him chasing ducks. Our walks were daily and many over the years but these had slowly gotten shorter the past months until in January when lymphoma took his strength. Up until just a couple of days before he died he was still that full of life puppy wanting to rough house on the floor pretending to be a ferocious animal without a bite. He filled my heart with so much love and his leaving has left such a hole in my heart. I so relate to the quote "It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are. ---- Mary Reid

KaylaKayla – Dec 20, 2017

We have lost Kayla today. She is chasing squirrels somewhere else now. When Sara joined our family, Kayla let it be known that she was top dog. And she stayed top dog in our hearts to the end Always ready to bark at some nasty squirrel or when the doorbell sounded. And happy to meet anyone who came through the door. The world is a little bit less without her.

Thanks to DFW Lab Rescue for all the happy years we had with Kayla.


Thomas Stephens DeSoto, TX




Miriam-ZoeyZoey (fka Miriam) – August 1, 2017

It is with great sadness I let you know my precious Zoey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on August 1st, far too soon! She came to me just under a year and a half ago and we bonded immediately. I was struck by her beauty and sweetness. I loved her dearly and she returned that love and devotion each day we were together. She was also very special to her foster family, the Hughes. She loved chasing tennis balls, playing in the shallow end of the pool (never ventured out to test her swimming ability), dog parks, long walks and just hanging out with me. She was a good buddy to my son’s Doberman, who also misses her! She would get excited to make trips with me to the bank and go through the drive-thru because she quickly learned she would get a treat from the teller!! She lived too short a life, but one filled with love and fun! Sadly the seizures she suffered from started coming in clusters. When she went into a prolonged seizure, she was taken immediately to the ER. Unfortunately, the several rounds of IV meds they gave her just couldn’t bring her around. My heart is broken and I miss her so much. And although I had her just a short time, I will love her always!

Rest In Peace my sweet Zoey. ~Sherri Qualls

Mandy-SandySandy (fka Mandy) - June 25, 2017

On March 31, 2004, we adopted Mandy, who we renamed to "Sandy" because we didn't want that song playing in our heads all the time.  Plus at the time, she had a mask that looked just like wet sand.

Her paperwork said that the vet estimated her age at 18-24 months, so we decided that she was two years old and marked her birthday as March 31.  She recently (6/25) passed away peacefully at 15+ years old.

In the years between those events she was the sweetest, most loyal dog we've had the pleasure of having in the family.  Everyone who met her couldn't help but be tickled when she brought them a toy from her extensive collection.  Her tail wagged with such vigor, one of her many nicknames was "Wiggles".

The missus runs a tax consulting business from our house.  The clientele, especially the elderly, just loved Sandy.  She could tell when they "needed" to scratch her behind the ears or when it was best to lay down nearby and just watch and listen.

I could write pages about her antics.  But the heart of her story is that she knew she was loved and returned it tenfold. The Sheltons

Judy-MaggieMaggie (fka Judy) - June 11, 2017

With the saddest hearts, we wanted to let you know that our sweet Maggie (you knew her as Judy) passed away early Sunday morning from liver failure. She brought more joy than you could possible know to our lives, and we will miss her so much. She was so very loved, and we are simply heartbroken by her loss. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of her life, even for such a short period of time. Stephanie, Kaitlyn and Hailey Urano

Cherie-NadyaNadya (fka Cherie) - May 26, 2017

I wanted to let you know that Nadya (aka Cherie fostered by Janet Fuller) passed over the Bridge on 26 May. She was far too young, but renal failure was relentless. Thank all of you who made it possible for me to adopt Nadya, the time I had with her was wonderful and far too short. Again thank you & Bless you, Terry Erbert

CarlyCarly - April 25, 2017

In September 2003, we adopted the most spirited and spunky yellow lab from DFWLRR that a young newlywed couple could ever want. Carly traveled the southeastern US, swam in the Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of Mexico. She was a foster sister to 26 Labs in the program. eventually her own family grew, adding 4 two-legged children to her pack. She continued to be such a bright spark in our family as the kids grew up alongside her and our other dog, Reese. Knowing that our old girl was getting up there in age, we created a bucket list for her -- drive throughs, car washes, driving by the old house, etc. Little did we realize that on April 25, 2017, Carly would cross that rainbow bridge and leave an unfinished list and a lot of broken hearts. She was our first, our love, and our life. Time has passed, but there isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of her or share a memory. We are forever grateful to DFWLRR for bringing her into our lives 13.5 years ago. -The Morrisons

ReeseReese - May 10, 2016

It is with a sad heart that I share the news of the passing of our beloved Reese yesterday morning. He was our 20th foster from DFWLRR but became part of our family in June 2007. Reese was a beautiful dog, full of love and loyalty. He was ball-driven yet the gentlest soul on earth. He loved to swim and go for walks. He enjoyed people and was a terrific help at cleaning the floors. He overcame so many obstacles-- abandonment, broken teeth, severe heart worms, upper respiratory infection, a ball in his tummy, torn ACL, happy tail, ear hematoma. He fought his degenerative myelopathy for 11 months but unfortunately, this was one disease he couldn't overcome. His body was ready to rest. Scott  and I were able to hold him and be with him in until the very end, right in the comfort of our home. Our lives were changed for the better because of Reese, but my heart has a huge hole. Rest in peace, my sweet Reese-y. Love you forever.  The Morrison Family

Gwyneth-WynnieWynnie (fka Gwyneth) - April 2, 2016

Gwyneth was with DFWLRR of many months clearing up medical mysteries but we now know that she was waiting to bring new light to Jim Bradel’s eyes.  For the best 20 months of her life Jim was Wynnie’s everything and Wynnie was Jim’s.  She had a personal trainer and earned top praise.  The vet staff loved her too!  Although her physical heart gave out unexpectedly, we know it was pure gold and dedicated to this man who adored her. To Jim – We share your heartbreak and appreciate all you did to give this brown eyed girl the safe, loving, and forever home she deserved. We honor her with your favorite quote.

“You can’t buy love but you can rescue it”

ChanceChance - March 22, 2016

Last week our hearts broke when Chance’s long goodbye came to an end. This week his ashes came home and peace is settling. My heartfelt gratitude to every volunteer and donor that enabled this extraordinary boy to rescue us. He was my boy and Ray’s buddy, Betsy’s mentor and Riley’s partner in crime, snuggler and kisser, runner, racer and retriever, hide and seeker, office mate and assistant cook, paper delivery boy and resident groomer, Ambassadog and model, adored and adoring, a vet and PT staff favorite. He was loved beyond words and remains embedded in our hearts…forever.  Susan and Ray Harris

Rome-GusGus - March 23, 2016

Gus (formerly Rome) walked into our house three years ago and promptly stole our hearts.  Our senior boy was especially close to Dad and his favorite place in the house was curled up next to wherever his best friend happened to be.   Gus crossed over the rainbow bridge on Wednesday, March 23, 2016.  He brought joy to our lives from the first day to the last.  In that generous fashion unique to dogs, he lavished love and affection on every single one of us.  He loved to touch his people-to lean in.  He slobbered a lot.  He was, shall we say, very food-motivated.  He could sound like a herd of goats clomping enthusiastically, if not gracefully, down the hallway first thing in the morning.  Sometimes he was so happy, he bounced.  He was a puppy trapped inside the body of an old dog.  He was so profoundly grateful for the love, the treats, the walks, the drives, but mostly the love.  Love truly was his defining characteristic.  Our hearts and house are a little emptier.  There will be other dogs, because all of our dogs have taught us the best way to honor their memory is to keep on loving.  But there will only ever be one Gus.  Thank you, DFWLRRC, for trusting us with his care. The Webb Family  

Claire-ZoeZoe (fka Claire) - February 22, 2016

My girlfriend, Heidi, and I decided to adopt a lab in 2005. At our first DFWLR meet-and-greet, Heidi and Zoe(fka Claire) locked eyes, and it was over. Zoe entering our lives made the relationship between Heidi and I even stronger, and we married 1-1/2 years later with Zoe as our glue. We struggled through stepping on a nail, a broken tooth, running into a metal stake that required stiches, figuring out the cone of shame and picking the stitches out, figuring it out again and picking the stitches out, and AGAIN picking the stitches out until we had to take vacation from work and sit with her for a week until it was healed. We went to as many pools and water parks as would have us in the DFW area, went to the dog park every weekend, and brought a smile to each others faces every day. She was the love of our lives, and our heartbeat. We grew old together, slowed down together, gained weight together, and finally got to the point where it was too hard to walk. We knew it was going to be hard saying goodbye, but never imagined it would be this painful. She will always be in our hearts and souls, and her glue will keep the three of us together forever. We love you Zoe. Frank and Heidi.

RomeRome - February 16, 2016

Our hearts are broken. Today we loved our sweet Rome dog across the Rainbow Bridge. He came a long way from a puppy mill dog to know love and caring… first in Rachel’s home and then in our home. From not knowing what a leash was to prancing down the sidewalk like the Lion King, often attracting young kids who just wanted to love on him. From not receiving any affection to the nurturing of DFW Lab Rescue from the time he was saved. This big Bubba 90 pound dog could melt anyone with his big brown eyes and his wagging tail whenever you looked at him. It was funny to hear his monstrous lion-roar bark. Today he is running free with no more cancer pain. I hope he’s enjoying a huge never-ending supply of rawhide bones, his favorite thing in the world. Even though this is the saddest day for us, we can truly say “Absolutely no regrets!” The break in our hearts will fill with memories and happy thoughts of this very special boy. We wouldn’t trade these two short years for anything. RIP Rome… you were truly loved by everyone that knew you. Thank you for picking us!  The Goodson Family

Tex-TuckTuck (fka Tex) - January 19, 2016

My two daughters and I adopted three year old Tex over ten years ago. We renamed him Tuck. This morning I woke up and found that he had passed during the night. He must have died in his sleep on his bed next to mine. He has always been a healthy boy and seemed great last night. I don't know what happened. Tuck was the best dog I ever had - loving, protective, kind. He was my companion, and I don't know what I'll do without him. Thank you for helping me find such an unforgettable boy. I will miss him very, very much. He was a once in a lifetime dog.

RiverRiver - October 16, 2015

My husband and I adopted River on September 10, 2007 and we lost him due to breathing problems on October 16, 2015. When we adopted him, his estimated age was 4 years old but no one was quite certain. The following is a note I wrote to your organization on September 23, 2007: We have had River for 13 days and he has brought more joy to our lives than we could have imagined. He loves to play, and he loves his treats and his food. One of the many things that we have been amused by is River trotting (he looks like a Tennessee Walking Horse) around the pool. He has been in the pool one time, but seems to prefer trotting around it with one of his toys in his mouth. River likes to “present” us with a toy when we get home – not necessarily to give us the toy but, we surmise, to let us know how happy he is about our returning home. He is alert, interested and curious about his surroundings, and he continues to be very polite. He will present himself to let us know that he is interested in what we’re doing (especially eating), but he does not jump or drool or beg or try to snatch things from us – he is respectful. We took him to the veterinarian for his first well-visit and he charmed the staff with his alertness and good manners. It is evident that much of his discipline and good manners come from the care his foster family provided him. They nurtured him and helped him establish and maintain good behavior. We have had a lot of fun going to various pet stores and learning about the things he lets us know he likes, which is almost everything. (With the exception of sweet potato treats - he spits them out – who can blame him really?) Anyway, we just wanted to give you an update on River and let you know the joy he has brought us. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do on behalf of these marvelous creatures. After I wrote the note, we discovered he loved carrots and bananas. He slowly but surely made his way to sleeping on our bed, he befriended everyone and made a special effort with those who were initially afraid of him – he actually sought those people out and, every single time with no exception, made a friend out of them. He saw us through good times and difficult times and gave us comfort. He was our pride and joy. We were his forever family and he will be “our boy” forever.   Jane and Dwayne

NestleNestle - July 15, 2015

Renner-BowieBowie (fka Renner) - July 7, 2015

I adopted Bowie on January 17, 2014 and I have to say it was one of the best days of my life. For an older dog (at the time of his passing, the vet estimated he was 10 years old) he was full of life and made every day an adventure. We would play fetch and swim almost every day, and everyone who met him was instantly fall in love with him. He was part of my family, and a best friend. Over the 4th of July weekend, Bowie fell ill very quickly and it was determined he had cancer. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye a few days later. I only had Bowie for a year and a half, and I still feel heartache to this day, but I am so grateful that he was a part of my life, even though it was such a short amount of time. I'll miss him everyday.  Whitney Husbenet

MadieMadie - April 16, 2014

On 4/16/2014 we lost our Madie girl, Mad dog, yellow dog. Though it’s been almost 2 years since she left us, our hearts are broken and we miss her presence every day. She had a very long and happy 16 years with us. We adopted Madie through DFW Lab Rescue in December of 1998. She was even featured in the 2000 DFW RSQ Lab Calendar May 2000 in a picture drinking from the water hose. She loved water, spending her summers at the lake, on the boat and hanging on the beach. She helped raise both our boys of 12 and 15 years. And though she was definitely a daddy’s girl, mommy especially loved that she kept her company throughout the day. Madie was the best guard dog you could ask for, but had a sweet and gentle spirit that melted our hearts and all those who knew her. Her job is now complete on earth, and we often find comfort in knowing she will be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.  The Hazel Family.

SamsonSammy (fka Samson) - October 5, 2015

It’s been a little over a month since we had to say goodbye to our Sammy and it is still very difficult to write about him without getting choked up.  Back in 2008 we had officially become empty-nesters when we adopted Samson from DFW Lab Rescue.  He was 2 years old at the time, and he quickly became more than just a pet for us.  Sammy was a very laid back dog with a gentle disposition.  He never met a stranger, whether a 2-legged one or a 4-legged one, with the exception of the squirrels who would venture into our backyard.  He was great with our young grandchildren – nothing seemed to faze him - and he was excellent at cuddling.  We would laugh at how he would take treats from our fingers in the most gentle and precise way with his teeth, very slowly and careful not to accidentally get part of a finger or hand.  He went everywhere with us and was a faithful companion.

He loved his daily walks in the park more than anything…so many squirrels to scare off and lots of other people and dogs to meet.  But in March of this year he began to drag one of his back legs when he walked.  The limping got worse pretty quickly and soon he lost interest in the squirrels.    The vet took x-rays, thinking it was a hip problem, but his hips were fine.  We had to make the walks shorter and eventually Sammy didn’t want to go on walks at all anymore.    Our vet thought it could be a herniated disk so we had an MRI done in August.  The MRI revealed that he had a massive inoperable tumor that wrapped around his spinal cord in the neck area.  We were told that he probably only had another couple of months to live, so we took him home, spent lots and lots of time with him, held him close, loved him and spoiled him as much as possible until the day came when he could no longer get around on his own.  We made the heartbreaking decision to let him cross the rainbow bridge.  We lost a loving and loyal friend on October 5, 2015, and our lives will never be the same.  Sammy, you were the best dog ever.  We miss you.  Bobby and Gwen Sanchez

FranFran (fka Francis) - March 5, 2015

The sky shines a little brighter tonight! With a broken heart, I want to let everyone know our permanent hospice foster Fran has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Diagnosed with mast cell cancer in November of 2011 she was originally given 3-6 months to live. We decided at that moment that we would keep her until it was "her time" to go. Well, "her time" proved to be 3 years and 4 months later! Defying all the odds, she kicked Cancer's ____ for that long! She's proof that love, the will to live and the dire need to fetch the ball was more powerful than the C word could be and Dr.s could predict. So, why do we foster? Because until they see forever, we are here for them committed to provided a safe, warm, loving place to live. Unfortunately, "forever" sometimes means that their spirit will just live on in your heart and not a forever home. Thank you St. Francis for giving us so long to love her. Fran taught us more things about life and simple living than any human ever could! Love live Fran! Run free of pain and cancer sweet baby girl. We love you and miss you already!  Jennifer and Erik Rubach

DixonDixon - December 2014

Dixon had such an entourage that loved him dearly even outside of our family. We let him go to heaven today after 14 wonderful years of love. He smiled all the way to the end. Thank you DFW Lab Rescue for bringing Dixon to our lives. You should know that not only are you changing the lives of dogs, but the owners too

Montana - March 17, 2014

Dear DFW Lab Rescue, February 2012 we were very lucky to find a best friend for our chocolate Lab named Tex. Tex had lost his first best friend about 6 months before that and was miserable, sad and lonely - as much as his parents were. Our luck was when precious Montana became a part of our family - the sweetest, most laid back, fiercely loyal, fun-loving, beautiful chocolate brown. Montana was burnt orange when we brought him home - from neglect of being left outside 24/7.... couldn't walk on the stone floor for fear of paws burning. We had Montana a little over a year. His coat became glossy silky chocolate, his personality blossomed and he became bonded at the hip with us and Tex. We walked our usual walk on Monday, March 17.2014. We threw the balls less times than usual due to early morning meeting. We came into the garage and Montana began to collapse. I ran into the house to get a blanket...somehow he followed me in only to collapse in my arms. I ran to get his cushion and again, somehow he followed collapse again in my arms on his cushion and take his last three breaths. Our hearts are broken....a huge hole in our home. Montana was loved, adored, needed, wanted. I only hope we gave him half the love and joy he gave to us. Thank you DFW Lab Rescue for bringing this love into our lives. Tex is letting us know not to waste too much time finding a new best friend for him. OriAnn & Jud Phillips

Odie- January 1, 2013

Our beloved friend, Odie, passed away 01-01-2013. We still grieve but are gradually being able to look at Lab-available websites again. He had cancer throughout unknown to us as he never appeared ill or in pain. This is a painting I did of him off to see the rest of his buddies at the Rainbow Bridge. We only had him 9 years. He is missed so much. Beverly and Dale Johnson, Fort Worth

MarcusMarcus - February 20, 2014

This is "Marcus" and he was viciously attacked by three dogs. He was found by FW Animal Control and we immediately went to get him and get him to our vet. He was a 6 yr old chocolate boy, severely emaciated, with bite wounds all over his body. We immediately took him in to begin being treated at our vet to get stabilized to do further tests to determine the full extent of his injuries. After a day he ate and drank only a "little" throughout the day, so IV fluids were started again to make sure that he stayed hydrated in hopes of developing a bit of an appetite. He was put on very strong antibiotics to hopefully curb infection from the multiple bite wounds. He was also receiving pain medication to try to keep him comfortable. Later in the day, the despair in his eyes was ebbing, being replaced by flecks of hope and gratitude. And of course that big brown tail gave a couple thumps to say "thank you". After a few days Marcus had a bath, ate a little and even walked around some. He then went to sleep and decided to make his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. He left our world knowing the love of human hands and hearts. The trauma and shock caused by his injuries proved too much for him to overcome. We are grateful that we were able to give him love and comfort in the end.




Ari - August 23, 2012

On August 23, 2012, I held Ari in my arms as he took his final breaths. There's a gaping hole in my heart and home. In May 2003, I adopted Ari from DFW Lab Rescue. My life was forever changed. He entered my home and life as a beautiful and energetic 2 year old who was short on confidence.

I was a runner and needed a partner. Our first run together took 1½ hours to make it around the block. But the next day we went again and before long he was happily running by my side where he would continue to run for the next 9 years winning several races during those years. Ari ran with me, but he also had his own activities. He achieved WETTDOG rescue XX (Water Educated Trained and Tested expert certified), K9 Good Citizen, beginner Tracker and was a Baylor Hospital Therapy Dog. Additionally, he was an ambassador dog at the annual DFW Lab golfing event. Over the years as Ari excelled in activities, his confidence grew.

Ari helped me through terribly difficult times in my life. We shared a heart. He was also the reason that I would later foster several dogs for DFW Lab. He taught me that life should be fun and enjoyed and he provided a companion to share in the fun. We went through terribly sad times but also the happiest times together. Ari's confidence grew so much that he recognized his importance in my life and knew exactly how much he was loved. Yes, he was a spoiled monster at times. If company came over, they came over to see him and he would bark at them until they too realized it was Ari who they were to pay attention to. He would let me know when it was time to eat with not just a bark, but a demanding multiple LOUD Lab bark. I'm sure there are others who know this bark. He would bark when I wasn't throwing the bumpers fast enough and when he wanted to go outside to eat the forbidden fruit that had fallen from the trees.

His favorite place to be while I worked during the days was on top of my feet underneath my desk. While I showered he would press his body against the shower door and keep me shut in the shower until I could get him to move. In the kitchen he was always under foot. The first days without him, it's the everyday things that are so hard. I miss him on my feet and I miss the 4:30 a.m. bark waking me up to eat breakfast. I know that Ari lived a wonderful life and felt strong enough to chase the Longhorn Cattle behind our back pasture his final day. I'm so thankful that I woke up and held him his final breaths.

I used to say that I had the best dog in the world and that everyone should consider adoption as their best dog in the world was waiting. I know my words were true. Ari was the best dog in the world. I will forever be grateful to DFW Lab Rescue and Tami Stanley his foster mom for taking a chance on a dog that was huddled in the corner that only made eye contact after the 3rd visit when Tami came with hotdog bites. DFW Lab Rescue and Tami saved Ari's life, Ari saved my life and I provided Ari a great life that all dogs should live. These tears I cry, I know are only tears for me as I've lost my best friend and my heart.

The two pictures are from the day Tami brought Ari to my home taken a few minutes after she left and from this year's annual blue bonnet pictures taken In April in my back pasture where Ari ran chasing Longhorns.

Kathy Wickersham (mom to Ari Wickersham)

MaxMax - August 27, 2012

We got our beloved Max from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Lab Rescue over 12 years ago.   Animal Control found him abandoned on the side of a highway and he was just about to be put down before Lab Rescue came and got him.  And we were so lucky to get him after that.   As grateful as he was to us for becoming his permanent family, we were even more grateful for him and having him in our lives for so long.   At the time we got Max, we had Abby, an elderly black Lab.  Max foll