Forever Homes

If you have pictures of a DFWLRRC Lab and would like to submit a picture for this page, please email us with the picture and the dog's name (and human's if there are any). If your picture is not in a digital format, email the webmaster and we can make other arrangements.

Rico (aka Raymond) & Baloo (aka Baja)

Hi, I am Bobby and let me tell you, it's crazy at my place! I have a couple of furry siblings and I am the smallest. I am (almost) fearless! I am not a Labrador! I am a dachshund! Somewhat at least. My family got me 9 years ago from a shelter. Since then life is fun, crazy, adventurous, cozy and safe! There was a very sad event last year, when my furry Labrador sister Maya crossed the rainbow bridge. My other furry sister Daisy, my family and I were very sad and we still miss Maya terribly. She will never be forgotten, she even set the ball rolling. One day we had a nice lady visit us from the DFW Lab Rescue Club and ask lots of questions. Humans were talking about adoption and fostering. I was adopted! Daisy was adopted! I think my human sisters weren't adopted. They act and look too much like mom and dad. 😊 But at this time I didn’t know what fostering meant. Not much later, one night my dad brought home my new big Labrador buddy Raymond. He was my foster brother at first, but happily I can report, he is now my furry big brother and we call him 'Rico'! Rico is smart and so much fun. He wiggles his whole body more than I wag my tail. He is super-fast, hunts squirrels up and down the trees, races with the city trash truck behind the fence and most exciting he shares the treats he gets off the kitchen counter when mom isn't around. We had other Labradors visiting for a while. There was a foster brother and later a foster sister. They all got adopted! Of course, I sniffed the families to make sure they got the perfect home. Mom sometimes makes funny quirky sounds when she tells about pictures she got from my former foster siblings. Well, one day not that long ago, mom brought home new foster brother Labrador Baja. From that day on, the house was set upside down. Mom had her hands full, didn't sleep much and was running all the time with a bucket and cleaning supplies through the house. I had a hard time telling all the different scents apart. Baja changed the house rules, at least for a while. He is a quiet and energetic young fellow and a bit crazy. I can howl, but he can really high pitch bark so your ears hurt. He doesn’t stop drinking until the water bowl is empty and he is Rico's great helper getting treats off the kitchen counter. I figured out Baja had separation anxiety and other "challenges". We all helped him overcome his fears. Even my sassy furry sister Daisy. She tries to keep us boys under control. 😊 Just a couple of weeks ago, we started calling Baja 'Baloo'! He was officially adopted into our family. Baloo has made progress in being a good big furry brother, walking on the leash (we have to walk nicely on the leash, or we can't explore the neighborhood), sleeping quietly in his doggie bed, and most relieving for mom I guess, not messing up the house anymore. Baloo now hunts the squirrels up and down the trees with Rico, is absolutely nuts for the water hose (water…brrrr), plays fetch as long as possible, gives me lots of kisses, lays on the patio table and is sitting on chairs at the dining table (he learned that from me). But most of all, Baloo has figured out he is now safe and loved. There are 16 hands to pet, cuddle, feed and hold us. (Well, that's the best part with being the smallest. I get picked up and held. 21 lbs. versus 35, 71 and 80 lbs. 😉) It has been 10 months without my beloved furry sister Maya, but boy, she has set a memorandum! Within this time we went from being a triple pack to a double, back to triple and now to a quad! Call us the ‘'our-16 paws-power pack'! The 'foursome-pawsome'! Life is good! Daisy, Rico & Baloo agree! Yours truly, Bobby.” ❤ Our deepest Thanks to the DFW Labrador Rescue Club! Elke, Stefan, Samantha & Viktoria V.

Kai (fka Kaiser)

We adopted this chocolate/ brindle color lab mix back in July 2015. He apparently had a rough beginning as he had scars on his face that we can only guess came from the original owners using a muzzle and never took it off. Kai was a bit skinny and needed so TLC and a little fattening up.  We took him and I introduced him to our other lab mix Koti and they quickly became best buds and to our surprise the terrible twosome. They went everywhere together, got into trouble together, tried to chew on the same kong bones, played tug a war, etc... the only thing that Kai didn't do or know how to do was swim. This had to change. We took Kai to my parents and put him in the pool as we held on to him and taught him how to swim and to enjoy the pool. Now, well can't get him out of the pool. When we tell the boys to get out so they can dry off and we can leave, yeah doesn't happen, takes forever to get them out of the pool. Kai has been a wonderful addition to our family and he is loved. 


When I adopted Brooks 1 year ago, my heart was broken.  I had just lost my first lab love - Nemo - at 13 years old.  He was literally like my child and went EVERYWHERE with us.

Brooks came to us as a typical, happy & excited 8 month old puppy.  Today he has learned to mind his manners and loves to go on runs, trips to the lake to hike and swim and to go to the dog park.  I think the occasional stop for a McDonald's hamburger or the bank drive thru (he climbs onto my lap for the magic bank door to open with a biscuit) are his favorite trips.

I always tell people about our great experience with DFW Lab Rescue.  I think the program is so successful because of the fosters - which means we adopt a dog that someone really has had the opportunity to get to know.  Thank you DFWLLRC for this special boy!

Guiness (aka Dak)

We adopted Guinness (formerly known as Dak) 10 months ago. When taken in by DFW lab rescue, he was only 47 pounds. He is now happy and healthy, and up to 72 pounds. He loves cuddling on the couch with his people, learning new tricks, a good game of fetch, and of course, eating. He’s looking forward to a hiking trip in Austin this fall as well. Thanks, DFW lab rescue, for giving us a chance to give this sweet boy his forever home!

Sophie (aka Chanel)


September 8th was my fifth anniversary with my forever family; Robert and Sue O'Connor. I've been living in the lap of luxury ever since (see photo). You guys knew me as "Chanel" but "Sophie" is what I go by now and I like it much better!!!

I have run of most of the furniture but my favorite spot is laying wherever Robert is sitting (again, see photo). He's so accommodating. I'm happy, healthy and very loved.

Thanks for finding them for me. Sophie

PS: I'm told Robert and Sue love me very much. They say I'm very smart and exceptionally beautiful. They want to thank you for everything you do. Keep up the great work.


Beatty here to report on the past year in my new home. It has been quite busy – we go for walks, road trips, and I go to work at RBMM to help relieve stress for all the employees. As you will see in the pictures, I am very popular and love greeting everyone who comes into the office. I even posed once for one of our artists to create an image that she donated to Artists for Animals, an organization that supports animal rescue charities in North Texas. We also have a photography studio at work where I can get my picture take whenever I want. My person and I are very bonded, and I always stay by her side (unless someone has treats for me – then I can be bribed away from her).

I have two kitties – one that likes to snuggle up to me and one that is not so sure about that. At first, I thought they were squirrels to be chased, but I soon learned that they were part of the family and not to be played with. I have lots of toys, but love to play keep away best. Oh, that is except for spending time with my best buddy Monty (another DFW Lab Rescue guy that was adopted by my mom’s daughter and her husband).

I hope all labs taken in by DFW Lab Rescue like me and Monty get to find great homes and have as much fun as I do! Thanks again DFW Rescue Team!

Shadow (aka Gunner)

Hi everybody!  I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I just LOVE my new forever home and parents Chris and Victoria.  I've been here two months and my Mom and Dad take me with them everywhere they go and I just get so excited.  Oh yeah... and they let me sleep IN BED with them every night and I just love to snuggle.  Who knew it would be so much fun?  My Dad has nicknamed me Shadow because all I do is follow him around.  We go for walks in the neighborhood and  car rides and hang with my new cat Phoebe.  She is a pretty cool cat and I really like her now but I didn't know what to think of her at first. She was kind of sad, and my parents were too, because they lost their beloved Chocolate Lab Pebble in December. My Dad tells me all the time how happy he is  that I came into their lives and he is always smiling now  Any way they really love me and I love them and I am SO HAPPY.  Well... that's all for now; more later. 

Jack (aka Victory)

When my children and I met our matched 4 year-old chocolate lab Jack (Victory), he was very excited and wanted to let us know by nipping and jumping. I knew with training and a lot of love, he would fit perfectly into our family. He is truly an amazing addition to our family. We haven't had to do any training for the nipping or jumping although he gets very excited when it is mealtime. He lets the kids love all over him and always has to be where we are. He keeps me company at all times, which is something I truly missed when my husky and lab passed away. While he doesn't quite understand what swimming or fetching is, he does love learning new tricks, receiving praise, going on car rides and long walks/runs. He enjoys other dogs (we have a 3-legged miniature pinscher) and is a perfect gentleman around strangers. We are very blessed to have him in our lives and are so thankful to DFW Lab Rescue for letting us adopt him.


When I adopted Honey 6 months ago, I had a broken heart and so did my dog, Cricket. I had just put my sweet Lucy, a chocolate lab, to sleep. She was just a couple of days shy of turning 10. I had her since she was a puppy and she and Cricket were inseparable. Lucy was my first dog and I treated her like she was my child. When I signed up with DFW Lab Rescue and began the process of meeting dogs, Cricket's approval of our new family member was my primary concern. I was doing this more for her than me.

We visited with a couple of wonderful dogs, but when we met Honey, we knew she was 'the one'. So, Honey moved in. The first week was a little anxious for us all, but Honey seemed happy. Before long, it was as though she had been here forever. I tell her all the time she is our 'angel dog'. I still miss Lucy, but am so thankful for Honey. She is perfect. She's truly a best friend! While she is bittersweet, I couldn't have found a more perfect fit for my family.

Every chance I get, I tell people about our great experience with DFW Lab Rescue. I think the program is so successful because the dogs have been fostered, and that gives you the opportunity to learn more about them than you would have otherwise.

-Luanne McNulty

Bailey (aka Cowboy)Bailey


Hey guys. My parents don't let me use the computer because they say I scratch the keyboard, so I better write this quickly before I get caught.


I can't believe it's already been 5 months since I got adopted! Seems like just yesterday I was wondering where I might end up, but let me tell you - it was worth the wait. My days are pretty full around here. I wake up with my daddy really early and take his place in the bed while he gets ready to go to work. Mommy and I just kind of hang out until we're both ready to get up and then it's off to the races. She's the best mommy ever! We go on walks, explore the neighborhood, sniff all the new scents, hang out in the yard, and go swimming at my grandparent's house until I just can't take it anymore and have to take a nap - and I better because I like to stay up late and watch a little tv until we all fall asleep.


All that being said, there are a few things I would change. I don't know why, but I'm always suspicious of the mailman and there's these stupid cats that live next door to us that are begging for it! Oh yeah, and don't get me started about how mad sprinklers and hoses make me. I can hear my parents coming back, so I kind of have to wrap this up. I guess all I want to say my foster mom - thanks so much! I haven't forgotten about you and sometimes think about the beans and rice dinners you used to cook me...and to those you that haven't been adopted - hang in there! If I can find a home, so will you.




Hunter (aka Chick)


Hi Lab Rescue:

Hunter (formerly Chick) is doing great! Thought we'd send you a couple of recent pictures. He still is not sure about swimming; He does like to get on the first step and watch everyone swim, but won't go in on his own. He weighs 81 lbs now and goes for a leashed walk everyday. 

Take care!

Hunter, Teri and Lee


Tank here! I was one of the Gilligans Island puppies, Skipper. You may not recognize me because my picture never made it to the website. My foster parents knew they were keeping me after about 5 minutes at the house. I have such a great life, sharing the house with three fun kitty cats. I certainly love them, but they aren't that crazy about me. They just kind of tolerate me.

I joined the Pease family in May of 2008. Then something really exciting happened in December 2008. We all got in one car (two humans, three cats, and great big me) and moved from Texas to a neat place called Virginia. Daddy has just become an officer in the US Marine Corps and he is completing training at Quantico. It is so cool here. There are state and national parks Mommy and Daddy take me to, and we live in a great neighborhood where someone is always walking their dog. I have been doing lots of training with mommy, and I recently passed the Canine Good Citizen test. Mommy is a counselor and hopes to one day use me as a therapy dog in working with her clients. We really hope to work with military veterans and families. Whoops, here comes Mom now, I guess she wants to add something. Bye for now!

Thank you so much DFW Lab Rescue for introducing Tank into our lives. He is the sweetest, most gentle dog. He loves cuddling in bed with us, eating his daily banana out of his Kong, and trying to get the cats to play with him. I can't remember life without him and love him beyond words. He is my very best friend. Tim and I love Virginia and the new adventure weve begun, but I greatly miss volunteering with the amazing group of people of DFW Lab Rescue. Forever thanks to you all!!!

Cheyenne and Timothy Pease